Although a great web design is the foundation of a fantastic website, there is so much more to it than that. A website is built inside out, and therefore we will give you not only a stunning website but one that offers optimum performance, is fast-working and giving your customers an overall better experience; after all, we want your website to be noticed, not only by customers but also the search engines, pushing your website to the top of the rankings. We need to design an online face for your business that 100% represents you and a first impression goes a long way. So, not only should your website look amazing, it needs to give an excellent user experience.

Responsive Web Design Be Seen Every Time and Everywhere

Responsive web design is about creating web pages that look great on all devices, and in this day and age, it is vital. Responsive web design automatically adjusts for different platforms, screen sizes and orientations. This means that visitors, via any device, will have no problems clicking through to your website and in turn, those visitors become customers. This ultimately means success for your business.

WordPress Popular, Prominent & Perfect

For many years we have been building our websites using WordPress. WordPress is used by over a third of websites on the internet, and although WordPress is pretty fantastic, it is easy for some developers to overcomplicate things. WordPress indeed offers excellent plugins, and because of this, it allows us to do so much more when it comes to web design; however, some developers can get carried away, and too many plugins add so many features when in truth, you only need one. Also, by adding so many plugins, chances are some may be the wrong plugins, poorly optimised or even worse, insecure. Also, too many plugins will slow down your website, which will affect your search engine rankings. If you have a WordPress site and need some advice regarding plugins, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We prefer custom code because we know that there will be no bloated code; where possible, we stick to our premium plugins and do as much custom coding as possible.

Bespoke Web Design For Your Tailor-Made Website

Your website solution begins with working out your needs and functionality. We can then look at the best way of achieving this to maximise your return investment.

We start with a white screen in designing and developing your tailor-made website; we never use templates bought from the internet. Through communication, we will understand your visual goals and bring your dream to life.

Let’s Talk …. Let’s Keep Talking

We constantly inform and involve you throughout the complete process, guiding you to ensure perfection in the making. We value your input from start to finish; feedback is crucial to ensure that the result is exactly what you need and precisely what will bring the desired results for your business.