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About Mitchell Digital and how we deliver web design

As web designers our aim is to help you with everything online, from a simple website to how your website can save your business time.

Over the last 10 years (wow, has it been that long) I've worked on all sorts of different projects. From large insurance companies to leading sports manufacturers, I've been involved in websites builds to custom systems.

But the last 7 years my main focus has been using WordPress as the main tool in the web design trade. It's become my go to platform for websites. It's a system that can be used for so many types of sites and is easily customised so I create exactly what is needed.

If you're looking for webs design in Barnard Castle or if you're located anywhere in the world I'd love to help.



Is ultra fast fibre broadband a real possibility in Teesdale?

A new project to install 1000 Mbps broadband into Teesdale is has a serious chance of delivering. After many years and hearing about many different projects to bring fast broadband to Teesdale and Upper Teesdale, what’s the chances of getting ultra fast fibre directly to our rural homes? Getting fibre to some houses in our…

What does your website REALLY need?

My business doesn’t have amazing photos or loads of text, what can I do. When people talk about the amazing things they want their new companies website to be about I try and nod my head and agree the best I can. In my head though I’m just thinking all these great features they want…

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