About Mitchell Digital

Focused on Increasing Client Revenue
with Online Marketing

Mitchell Digital was created in 2021. The company was started because Kane (director/web developer/chief tea maker) fully believes that local businesses miss out because they don’t have an online presence.

Many local businesses have a website now which may have been set up by themselves or a friend so they technically have a website. But we want to provide more than a website. We want to make sure your business gets seen by people with the intent of using your service type.

We want our clients to win.

We have been building websites and online marketing independently for a number of years now. In every project, we have given everything to help our clients reach and surpass their goals.

We’ve found that if we treat your business like
our own when you win, we win.

With the amount of effort and support, we’ve given our clients along their journey they don’t leave us.

We pride ourselves on doing the best for our clients.

Meet the Team

Kane Mitchell

Director, Web Developer & Chief Tea Maker

Despite the youthful looks in the profile photo, I have over 10 years of experience working as a web developer within different companies.

Starting off his journey as a junior working on websites for huge companies such as Boots and Aviva Insurance. During the early days, I was working on the front end of the websites trying to make them look good and battling IE6 for fun.

Soon I began working for an amazing design agency where I was thrown in at the deep end. But, I am so thankful for this because this is where I learned the most about everything from web development, dealing with different projects and how to treat clients.

In 2021, after my family moved back to the North East I decided to jump in at the deep end once again. Mitchell Digital was formed. We’ve now helped over 50 different businesses with their online presence in the past two years.

This is Kane, our Founder/Director/Web Developer & Chief Tea Maker.

What Our Clients Think About Kane

Five star review of web design and web development agency.

At Cosmetic Skin & Laser Center, we’ve had Kane as our web developer for one year and we’re so grateful for him! In addition to providing excellent website/WordPress support and maintenance, he goes above and beyond – truly caring about helping with design to boost conversion rates and strengthen your brand’s online reputation. Very highly recommended.

Five star review of web design and web development agency.

Kane has been such an asset to our organisation. He has developed a fantastic website for us and continues to support our company in all the new services we continue to introduce in our ever growing private clinic. He is always responsive and reactive to any given task. Thanks Kane for the amazing support over the last 4 years.

Fun Fact

We’re located in the middle of nowhere!

That’s a little bit of an exaggeration, we are located in Upper Teesdale, County Durham. 2 miles from our nearest village, Middleton-in-Teesdale.

How do we help local businesses win?

Website Creation

Many businesses currently have live websites. This is great, we fully believe every business should have a website no matter what size. But often these are very basic websites which offer little information to the user or Google.

If Google doesn’t know what you do, then it doesn’t matter what your website looks like as you won’t have much traffic to your website (without paying for it).

During the build or optimisation of any website, we talk to businesses to find out about their services. This allows us to understand the market and investigate how we optimise our website to get the most relevant traffic.

We are then able to create a website that will maximise traffic and conversions to ensure your website helps increase your business revenue.

Local Search Engine Optimisation

No matter how much you spend on your website if you don’t think about search engine Optimisation (SEO) your money is wasted.

A website is only one part of your online marketing. Your website will only be useful if people can find it. Think of your website as your brochure that is available 24/7 anywhere in the world.

Now if you were to think of this as a printed brochure. You print 100 brochures and then left them on the office table then no one would ever see them but you. But if you go into a hotel or cafe in a tourist area you will always see a brochure stand with loads of brochures for local attractions. By leaving these brochures in different places you’re putting your business in front of people.

Without any SEO or Local SEO your leaving your website on your table. But if your website is optimised for SEO and your market we can make sure we find people who are looking to buy your service/product.

Website Support Plans

Our website support plans are aimed at saving you time and reducing your stress.

Creating a website is the first step, but you need to make sure that your website is secure, fast and up to date to match your business.

Our support plans are there so you don’t have to worry about a single issue with your website. You can concentrate on your day-to-day jobs and we’ll look after all the technical side of things.

These support plans also keep you informed on how your website is performing over time. We will also have regular (depending on your plan) website/marketing meetings to look at the website’s analytics and improvements.

eCommerce & Email Marketing

We can help you get started selling online or help improve your online sales.

We’ve built many different eCommerce shops over the years for many different markets. Each of these stores has been customised to maximise conversions and also reduce the time of the store owners. We understand that your time is the cost so we evaluate possible time-saving features which we can implement into your website to increase your free time.

Adding email marketing to an eCommerce store helps your store increase sales on autopilot. Email marketing isn’t only sending out email campaigns to your subscribers but it’s engaging with past and potential customers during their journey. We have eCommerce stores that have increased revenue by 20% using automated email flows.

A 20% increase without doing any additional work.