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What You Get in a Website Video Review

  1. Detailed Video Review with Website Improvement Recommendations
    A 5 minute video exploring your website and where it could be improved. We will quickly review your:
    • Repsonsiveness of your website
    • Page Load Speed
    • SEO Basics
    • Overall recommendations
  2. Spreadsheet of all your active pages and SEO text for the page
    Your will also be provided a CSV of all your pages on your website from SEO crawl we perform on your website.

What Our Clients Say…

Kane has worked with me and my business for several years and he has been of great help. He looks after my company website, has been on immediate call when needed and he gets the job done. I am glad he is part of my ‘team’.

Kane built my website for my company and it has helped to generate millions of dollars in revenue. He is a true professional and I would highly recommend his services.

Free business website video review performed by a web design and development expert from Durham, UK.

Over a Decade of Experience
Working with Businesses Online

We have over a decade of experience in the industry, designing and building sensational websites for first-time businesses, using responsive web design, so your website is available on all platforms, to creating web solutions for large international companies.

We understand that communication plays a vital role in this process, and therefore we need to work together to decide what you want to achieve and how your website is going to deliver your requirements; we want your new website to consistently sing out the message you want to convey. We aim to discover what your business needs to help it grow, become more efficient and reach more customers.

Frequently asked questions

Unfortunately, I won’t do any updates to your website. I will only look at your website from a public point of you. So if you have anything hidden, like a members area, I won’t be giving any feedback on this.

Once you’ve got your video review and you want some of the recommendations implemented we can have a meeting to talk about this.

If you already have someone looking after your website then you can go armed with top-notch information and get them to implement.

Our aim is to get this to you within 3-5 days but this does depend on the number of requests we’ve had. If after 5 days you haven’t received your video please contact

We will try to cover as much as possible that will be useful to you. We focus on providing you with quick wins. These are tasks that are simplest to solve but will provide a good return.

The more information you provide in the form will help us give you better feedback personalised to your business, market and audience.

Free Business Website Video Review

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