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You can spend enough time cleaning, save your time and make more money. Taking your Holiday Cottage website to the next level.

Get more guests by getting specialists in web design for holiday cottages.

Delivering Experienced Web Design and Development for Holiday Lets in the UK.

We’re based in the Upper Dales of Teesdale just outside of Middleton in Teesdale. A village that is full of holiday cottages and holiday lets.

Over the years, we have talked to long-time holiday cottage owners and friends to learn about the industry. We have the experience to help holiday cottage owners spend less time organising their online presence.

Trying to manage your current holiday guests while trying to market to new potential guests is tricky. We aim to take the stress of running a website and make the website work for you. This can be as simple as creating a new website, SEO enhancements or adding automation to make bookings and greeting new guests as time efficient as possible.

What Our Clients Say…

Kane built my website for my company and it has helped to generate millions of dollars in revenue. He is a true professional and I would highly recommend his services.

My Synagogue, Kingston Liberal, has been engaging the services of Kane for over a year and he is always really friendly and responds very promptly to al our requests. We are very happy with his services.

Kane and the team are dedicated to providing your business with knowledge for great web design and online marketing.

A decade of experience in the Web Design Industry

We have over a decade of experience in the industry, designing and building sensational websites for first-time businesses, using responsive web design, so your website is available on all platforms, to creating web solutions for large international companies.

We understand that communication plays a vital role in this process, and therefore we need to work together to decide what you want to achieve and how your website is going to deliver your requirements; we want your new website to consistently sing out the message you want to convey. We aim to discover what your business needs to help it grow, become more efficient and reach more customers.

Who We Have Worked With

How We Get Your More Guests

Not sure what your holiday let needs?

Support on Hand to Keep Your Website Secure & Taking Bookings

We will always put your needs first to ensure that your website is exactly what you want and that it will bring you what you require. We aim to deliver complete perfection, and we will not stop until the website is of ultimate perfection to you. It is essential that our communication is fluid, and that way, we can assure the website far exceeds your expectations.

Our support system for you is just a phone call away; no matter how big or small a problem, we will always be there to give support, friendly advice and a solution to your inquiry.

We can help you maintain your holiday cottage website to ensure you don't need to waste your time.
Using local SEO to benefit your holiday home or campsite.

SEO for More Guests

Local SEO is a process that optimises your online presence in local search results. Any business made of bricks and mortar should take Local SEO into account.

As a holiday let, you will be using Local SEO to show for people searching for “holiday cottages in your town”. These may not be high-volume search terms, but the intent of the search is very important. People searching for this query have already made the decision to stop in this town. Now you want your holiday cottage to be seen at the top, then clicked and then book.

Holiday Cottage Web Design with WordPress

We always look for ways to make your life easier and stress-free. We use WordPress, which makes the website do all of the hard work. You can sit back and relax, secure in the knowledge that we have everything covered. All of our websites are hosted by some of the fastest solutions in the UK.

Frequently asked questions

To be able to increase your guests and revenue we need to understand your current placement in the market, website, social media and competition. We will do this through a number of tools as well as a discovery call to find out about you the cottage and the type of guests you get and the type you want to attract.

We don’t guarantee an increase in revenue, but we’re pretty confident we can. And if we think you’re doing everything right and don’t need our help, we’ll tell you.

While we don’t use an inbuilt system for holiday cottage bookings, we ensure your online booking solution works on a new website before we do any work.

Before we start working with you, this will be covered in-depth to make sure we give you the best solution for your needs.

We have experience working with different online booking solutions already, and we don’t force you to use a particular service.

This depends from business to business but for a more in-depth review of your website you can get a FREE WEBSITE REVIEW here.

We’ll give you some information on improvements you could make to your website for free.

Photos of your holiday let are extremely important and are a huge selling tool. As part of a website build, we will work with a local photographer to get high-quality photos.

When this is done, we’ll also make sure we get a library of images that you will be able to use on your social media profiles over time.

The photographer will depend on your location. If you’re in the North East of England we will then recommend using Claire Collinson Photography. If you’re further away we will speak to you and then source a suitable photographer for you.

Yes, we can help most businesses improve their online presence. Along with holiday cottages we have also worked with a number of camp sites.

We would advise any business to have a website, even just for your contact details. It isn’t necessary but the sooner you have one up the better to get ranking in Google.

Your website will probably need some SEO improvements throughout the website. We can start this process with a free website review video and try to identify low hanging fruit (easy fixes for big gains). This is a slow process but we can help get your website going in the right direction.