Building a modern eCommerce website for an agricultural farm clothing brand

Using WordPress & WooCommerce to create an effective online shopping and custom shopping experience.

How It Started

We were contacted back in late 2020 by Rebecca about her new project. The aim of the project was to create a clothing brand for women in agriculture.

We spoke about what she wanted to achieve with her brand and online shop. The overall feel of the website design needed to be straightforward, with references to agriculture. A tight deadline was set to deliver the eCommerce website.

What We Did

We got to work on creating a suitable eCommerce solution for Monty Wests. We used WordPress & WooCommerce for the platform. It’s what we do best. It also gave a lot of flexibility to match the specification required.

While we were creating the website, Rebecca was getting amazing photographs taken by Tracy Kidd Photography. Selling online requires high-quality images to stand out from the crowd, and Tracy delivered.

After the website went live and orders were coming in Rebecca identified efficiency improvements. During the packing process, addresses and content checklists had to be manually created. To save time, we created custom functionality. When an order was completed on the website, a PDF was created with all this information and included in the admin email notification. Saving time and reducing errors in the process.

Increasing Revenue Through Automation

More recently we’ve implemented further improvements to increase revenue. Using Klaviyo as our email marketing tool we have been able to set up automated email flows. This investment has had an average of 20x return of investment each month.

Monty Wests, this year started attending shows and needed to be able to sell stock without overselling any potential online orders. To avoid any issues, we created a Point of Sale system on the website. This helped take orders via iPads at the show and managed stock within the website.

We continue to host and support their eCommerce store and help them scale.

Rebecca Tiplady Monty Wests

Kane Mitchell is “Mr Customer Service”, what an amazing and dedicated person. Creating my website was so easy with Kane. I am from far technically minded, but Kane walked and talked me through everything, and he could not have helped or advised me anymore if he tried.

I have a website that is easy to use for my customers and for me, but at the same time gives me all the information that I need to run my business smoothly. And if I ever have a problem (which are usually generated by myself) Kane is there at the end of the phone and has it sorted 24/7. Thank you so much, Kane for your creative, professional and attentive service