Making Life Easier for Staff &
Customers for Meal Ordering

We helped The Crown at Home save over 12 hours per work. Using our online ordering and a custom admin system for their needs.

How It Started

During the COVID pandemic Andrew, owner of The Crown at Mickleton pivoted the business to keep the business running and support the community. The Crown at Home was started that provided the same quality of meals that The Crown is known for but in a pre-prepared and easy-to-cook box.

Andrew came to us because it was hard for people to order and difficult on the admin side to manage the number of orders. To place an order, users would need to complete a Google Form. Some were 16 pages long and needed to answer all the questions. The staff would also need to ring each person individually and take the payment.

Improving the Food Ordering System

We firstly needed to implement a food ordering system for users to easily order. This would need to be updated weekly, and products would be added or removed.

Working with WordPress and WooCommerce we were soon able to create a system that met their needs and would also manage stock inventory which resulted in additional time saving for admins. When purchasing, we also needed to add custom functions to ensure the user was aware of allergies within the food they were purchasing.

The users could pay instantly at the end of the order via several methods. This reduced the staff’s workload each week significantly.

Time & Money Saving Customisation

The orders were delivered weekly and required exact data to be available easily. This data was used for stocking ingredients, planning cooking time, package checks and the delivery routes of drivers.

The information was previously done manually by the management, which resulted in countless hours lost to spreadsheets.

Within the website’s dashboard, we made all the details available with a click of a button. Different data for each week could be easily downloaded in a CSV. The route could be planned, and PDF would be created with all the order information.

With these updates, we helped The Crown take more orders online while reducing production time.

The Crown The Crown at Home

Professional, efficient and attentive. Kane built our Crown at Home website pages and I could not recommend him more, his attention to detail while working and responding to any query’s we may have has meant we have an easy to use, professional and reliable order system making our jobs a lot easier and our customers a lot happier.

I could not recommend Kane more for anyone looking for a well built, easy to use and creative website as well as all the tech support you may need.